Security Cameras

Security Cameras are one of the exclusive methods to offer home security and security designed for any business. Should you have a good quality security system, you have undoubtedly utilized the initial step and now a high quality security camera surveillance system could be the final topping on the cake.

Installation Location

Finding the proper place to set up your security camera is essential in order to correctly dissuade thieves. The home-owner must study all aspects of the home to find out which sort of camera is needed.

Our Expertise Comes From The Experience

Security Camera Installations

Safety Consultation

DFW Wholesale Security & CCTV is proud to offer you free of cost consultations to create a video security surveillance system for you. Our specialists are highly qualified in understanding and fulfilling your exact specifications to the surrounding living or place of business environment to a funtional video surveillance system you require. Our personnel have expertly been creating, installing and offering surveillance cameras and cctv security camera systems upwards of 8 years. Call DFW Wholesale Security & CCTV today for your absolutely free appointment at 817-231-2962.

Security Camera Setups

It can be nearly impossible to have security patrol guards or staff trying to keep an ever watchful eye upon your home or business' interior or exterior perimiter. Even should one employ or designate 24/7 security patrol in place, it is not possible to be able to be in each and every location at the exact time. Subsequently, you will need to contemplate video surveillance security camera installment in order to obtain the most effective form of safety and security from today's technology. Our wholesale surveillance system can assist in monitoring troubled areas or high-threat zones where visitors of your home/business could harm themselves, possibly protecting your company or your homeowners insurance against an expensive claim.

In many situations, there's not any witnesses at times of these situations and it will be a costly and time demanding experience to not get a surveillance camera installation. Video surveillance footage is extremely beneficial with less-than-honest insurance claims and in cases where duty-of-care is asserted by the homeowner / business proprietor when alleged event occurred. Surveillance cameras placed all around your interior or exterior, focusing upon high traffic regions and particularly where there may be a high risk involving insurance lawsuits. Below we summarize each of the suspect areas prone in order to keep you covered.

Surveillance cameras are usually installed throughout the home/building that present high-traffic zones and hazardous areas as these:

  • Automatic and Rotating Doors
  • Power Lifts
  • Staircases/Fire Escapes
  • Escalators and Elevators
  • Interior/Exterior Loading Bays/Docks
  • Elevated Spillways/Containment Zones
  • How Well Will Your Surveillance Cameras Secure?

    Within these main key areas of concern, you'll have the ability to watch and record activity that arouses concern. With the most recently released Video Analytics the (virtual) recorder (software application) the surveillance camera installation may be fully optimized, allowing for a set up to best suit your detailed requirements.

    Optimized Analytics Are:

  • Video Motion Dual Sensor Detection VS-40
  • VMD / Video Motion Detection
  • AD / Activity Detection
  • Camera Position Authentication (CPA)
  • At the quick press of the playback button, the details of any camera's surveillance footage can be obtained which includes a timestamped and encrypted file which can be stored on the desired format of choice in order to transmit to the management, insurance adjustor, or police agency.

    Security patrol are mainly deterants and are limited in their true ability to watch your home or business property. A DFW Wholesale Security & CCTV surveillance camera system can certainly keep tabs on your home/business twenty-four hours and 7 days a week.

    It is really hard to show when and how someone has slipped and fallen in dangerous locations. The surveillance camera system is able to provide you with comfort and peace knowing you are able to issue an unbiased report of the incident. There are some other products that have the ability to complement the surveillance camera installation, for example, enhanced illumination interfacing along with the latest security (burglar) alarm system for home or business premises.

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