Security Cameras

Security Cameras tend to be among the top-notch ways to offer home security and security designed for any business. If you have a good security system, you've actually taken the 1st step and so a good quality security camera surveillance system is most likely the final topping on the cake.

Installation Location

Choosing the right location to setup a new security camera is crucial to be able to successfully limit burglars. Typically the home-owner ought to study all aspects of the home to determine what variety of camera should be used.

Our Expertise Comes From The Experience

Security Camera Installations

Free Consultations

DFW Wholesale Security & CCTV is pleased to offer you a free consultation to build your video security surveillance system. Our industry experts are professional in understanding your necessities, demands, and residential/commercial envirnoment to customise the appropriate video surveillance plan you wish. Our qualified personnel possess a minimum of eight (8) years experience formulating, installing and providing video surveillance security camera systems to the greater Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas. Call DFW Wholesale Security& CCTV now for your personal no cost consultation at 817-231-2962.

Surveillance Camera Placements

It can be extremely complex to have personnel or security keeping an eye on your premises and nearby regions at all intervals. Even with 24 hour security patrolling you won't be able to be in all places at the exact same time to provide a full surveillance and security presence. Therefore, you need to give some thought to a surveillance camera installment. The security surveillance system can help you to keep an eye on troubled areas or high-risk sectors where an individual or multitudes people could injure themselves and furthermore, protecting you from an overpriced and time-consuming lawsuit.

In the vast majority of cases, there aren't any witnesses for a number of these situations leading to a very possible expensive encounter due to attorney fees, court costs and the inevitable settlement. One must ask: is it truly worth it to not get an installation of a video surveillance system. Video surveillance footage may help with fraudulent insurance claims as regarded by the commercial/residential property owner when the claimed event transpired. Surveillance cameras can be placed all over the structure within high traffic areas and where there may very well be a high threat of insurance policy claims. Below we summarize all of (certainly not limited to) the elements we'll be focusing upon to protect you from lawsuits.

Surveillance cameras are generally placed across the home/building in high-traffic locations and suspected hazardous areas:

  • Powered Lifts
  • Containment & Spillage areas
  • Freight & Inventory Loading Docks
  • Elevators & Escalators
  • Rotating/Automatic Entryways
  • Fire Exit Staircases
  • How Can Your Security Cameras Secure Your Business/Residence?

    Within these key areas, it is possible to keep track of and record almost any movement. With the most modern Video Analytics as well as recorder (software) the security camera installation could be devised to match your desires.

    Such analytics are usually:

  • AD / Activity Detection
  • Camera Placement Authentication (CPA)
  • VMD / Video Motion Detection
  • Video Motion Dual Sensor Detection VS-40
  • An easy playback of any kind of surveillance camera provides the time and date with an encrypted video document which can be kept on any format and provided to law enforcement, insurance carrier and administration.

    Patrolling security guards and office personnel are crucially limited at the level of thoroughness in which they can surveil and secure your commercial or resedential interest. DFW Wholesale surveillance camera systems can keep track of your property 24 hours a day week in and week out.

    It is pretty challenging to confirm who and when someone has fell or slipped in dangerous sectors. Our top-of-the-line security camera system can certainly offer you peace-of-mind as well as a prejudice-free report of the incidents. There are some other products that can complement the security camera setup that we offer, for example, improved illumination capable of interfacing with the latest security (burglar) alarm system.

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